Chelsea Lobue
Director of Training Services
New York

As Director of Training Services, Chelsea LoBue has a direct pipeline of communication to all of Clarity’s clients. In advance of each session, Chelsea is responsible for designing a training session that is tailored to each client’s individual needs and helps them achieve their desired goals. By staying up-to-the-minute on news coverage, she is able to brief Clarity’s coaches on published stories that our clients could potentially be asked about during upcoming media interviews. Chelsea also assists coaches on structuring practice interview questions and personalizing their training materials. Clients rely on Chelsea to be the responsive go-to person at Clarity throughout the entire training process, from pre-session briefings to execution to follow-up. Prior to joining Clarity in 2015, Chelsea was a production assistant at the YES network, assisting with preparation for the Yankees pre-game broadcast and supporting on-air talent in the broadcast booth during the game. Chelsea graduated from Boston College where she played for the varsity softball team.