Lucy Cherkasets
Los Angeles

Over the past several years, Lucy Cherkasets has helped lead Clarity’s efforts in client relations, new business development and marketing. As Clarity’s Executive Director, Lucy oversaw all of the firm’s operations in New York and was responsible for transforming Clarity into a global company, spearheading expansion of training resources into the European and Asia Pacific regions. Now, Lucy designs and executes highly specialized and targeted marketing campaigns, utilizing data and analytics to explore new industries and regions. Her expertise in the field of coaching spans numerous industries: fashion, beauty, media and consumer brands. Lucy herself is an accomplished coach. She founded Clarity’s career coaching division in 2010 and lends expert guidance to job candidates with interview preparation. By drawing on both her communication coaching know-how and her extensive HR experience, Lucy is uniquely positioned to help everyone from recent college graduates to seasoned professionals, identify and illustrate their strengths, discover their most compelling narrative and how to communicate it most effectively. Clients who internalize and apply Lucy's methods in their job interviews receive an offer over 90% of the time. Prior to joining Clarity in 2010, Lucy spent 7 years as HR Director for several PR agencies in both NYC and London. In addition to her professional ventures, Lucy is closely involved with The TEAK Fellowship, an academic and personal enrichment program for talented NYC students.