Lucy Cherkasets
Job Interview Specialist
Los Angeles

In 2010, Lucy Cherkasets founded Clarity's job interview coaching division by applying Clarity’s methodology and her 15 years of human resources/recruiting expertise to job interview preparation. Interviewing for a job is hard! It is unnatural to talk about ourselves, let alone promote ourselves in a distinctive way. Lucy has adapted the same training methods that Clarity Media Group uses to coach executives of Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Airbnb, and Estee Lauder, for everyday job seekers. Job seekers can now use this tried and true method that hundreds of executives have used to nail their dream job interviews. Lucy helps clients identify and illustrate their strengths, discover their most compelling narrative and communicate their stories most effectively. Clients who internalize and apply Lucy's methods in their job interviews receive an offer over 90% of the time. Lucy has worked with everyone from college seniors looking for their first job to senior executives with 20+ years of experience seeking their next career opportunity. After working with Lucy, clients have received offers from companies such as Apple, Google, Bank of America, as well as top PR/media companies, Masters programs, and selective volunteer organizations. Lucy also served as Clarity's Executive Director for six years and West Coast Director for two years through 2017 during which time she oversaw all of the firm’s operations in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and transformed Clarity into a global company. Prior to joining Clarity, Lucy spent 7 years as HR Director for several PR agencies in both New York and London. She continues to provide HR consulting to small/mid-size companies. In addition to her professional ventures, Lucy is a career coach for Ready to Succeed, an LA-based non-profit helping foster youth secure top internships and jobs. Lucy is also closely involved with The TEAK Fellowship, an academic and personal enrichment program for talented NYC students. She is a featured coach for Rocket Interview, and she has been a contributing coach to Ramit Sethi’s “Dream Job Boot Camp” series. Lucy has been featured in Self magazine and the book Pitch Perfect by communications expert, and Clarity's founder, Bill McGowan. When she's not working, Lucy can be found on Santa Monica beach with her family.