High-stakes communications opportunities come in many forms. Clarity coaches help clients excel in each one of them.


Clients learn not to live by talking points alone. We nurture the persuasive storyteller in each of our clients for one simple reason: Stories and images are 60,000 times more memorable than facts – and we want your message to have lasting power. Transforming your messages into memorable quotes and sound bites is one of our core strengths.


  • Sparking thought-provoking ideas
  • Crafting compelling storytelling material
  • Identifying relatable examples
  • Curating memorable data
  • Effective use of metaphor and analogy
  • Transforming key messages into sound bites

Virtual Meetings

As more and more people work from home, videoconferencing has allowed teams to remain connected. Despite the many positives it provides, meetings over this medium can oftentimes feel disorganized and visually unprofessional. In this setting, communicating with clarity and gravitas has never been more important. Clarity sessions equip both meeting participants and meeting organizers with the skills and strategies needed to run an engaging and productive meeting from home


  • How to productively manage your time
  • How to prepare in advance
  • Technical considerations
  • How to simulate eye contact over video conferencing
  • How to position your laptop, mobile device or webcam
  • How to engage a virtual audience

Virtual Presentations

Delivering a strong presentation is a difficult enough task when in-person, but now videoconferencing has created even more challenges and obstacles. Few people know how to present on a webcam in a way that amplifies their message and engages their audience. Clarity coaches work with you to develop dynamic content and help you to deliver that message in a professional and polished way, even on video.


  • How to enhance the look, sound & feel of a remote presentation
  • How to create a professional looking background
  • Technical considerations
  • Creating engaging content
  • Body language and non-verbal communication tips
  • Proper pacing, pitch and projection of voice

Remote Interviews

Remote interviews over video calls are becoming increasingly common in today’s media landscape. Yes, it’s convenient to do these opportunities from home, but most of the time the shot looks amateurish and unflattering. The aesthetic of the at home shot is too often significantly less polished than the one achieved in professional news studios. Our goal is to help clients close that gap. Clarity sessions guide clients to look and sound their best for their remote interviews so that their messages will be heard.


  • How to create a professional looking setting
  • Maintaining an engaged demeanor
  • Technical considerations
  • Strategies for preparing your content
  • Staying concise and declarative
  • Proper body language on camera


Our clients emerge from Clarity training sessions with a keen appreciation for how fast 4-5 minutes go on television. Transforming your top-line thoughts into concise and memorable sound bites that pop on TV is a specialty of ours. Clarity clients learn how to look comfortable and in command in a television studio, even if it’s their first time.


  • Avoiding negativity – staying positive
  • Crystalizing content into a three-minute window
  • Listening to the questions more effectively
  • Branding yourself without overtly selling
  • Proper body language on camera
  • Handling a multiple-anchor interview


Print interviews typically run nearly ten times as long as a broadcast interviews which can make crystalizing your message that much more challenging. Clarity coaches share the most effective strategies for influencing reporters to use the quotes you want to see in print and have your storytelling guide the direction and tone of the article.


  • Understanding the mindset of a reporter
  • Maximizing control during an interview
  • Influencing the reporter to use your quotes
  • Creating a positive dynamic with the reporter
  • Avoiding “off-the- record” danger zones
  • Maximizing storytelling content


A crisis or scandal that damages your brand can happen quickly and without warning. Clarity’s crisis training can help bring a sense of order during a chaotic time. We help craft pitch-perfect messages and coach clients on how to deliver them calmly and authoritatively even amidst a hostile media frenzy. Swiftly implementing a sound strategy can effectively defuse a combustible situation.


  • Deftly handling controversy
  • Properly setting reporter’s expectations
  • Not looking and sounding defensive
  • Avoiding “no comment”
  • Staying clear of speculation
  • Controlling nerves amidst chaos

Remote/ SMT

For many clients, looking straight into a camera and speaking to an interviewer they can’t see is one of the most difficult skills to master. That’s why Clarity created a dedicated studio for clients to practice interviews conducted via satellite. Our Remote/SMT Studio is equipped with broadcast-quality technology that allows our coaches to simulate the real thing, transforming a potentially awkward experience into a polished performance.


  • Avoiding the deer-in- the-headlights syndrome
  • Holding your own with multiple guests
  • Maintaining an engaged demeanor
  • Handling technical difficulties
  • Strategies for preparing
  • Staying concise and declarative

Keynote Addresses

Keynote addresses are great opportunities to explain your mission and move your agenda forward. But for many clients, the anxiety of presenting in front of an audience can be paralyzing. Clarity sessions enable clients to overcome this fear. Our coaches are skilled at crystalizing complex content into the most engaging messages you need to convey. The result: a keynote address that is polished, concise and memorable.


  • Crystalizing your message/mission
  • Conquering nerves
  • Effective use of hands
  • How to move on stage
  • Projecting enthusiasm
  • Interacting with slides

Product Launches

Few public speaking opportunities are more dramatic and have more riding on them than new product launches. Successfully framing the value of what you’ve created, for both the media and consumers, frequently determines how your innovation is received. Clarity coaches are experts at shaping the narrative, editing slide presentations and choreographing demos to ensure that your launch generates the most enthusiastic response possible.


  • Perfecting your elevator pitch
  • Choreographing a demo
  • Using examples to explain its value
  • Engaging the audience
  • Establishing distinctiveness among competition
  • Dramatically revealing key features

Client Pitches

A recent survey showed that only 33% of all pitches are successful. Most fail not because they lack merit, but because they are communicated poorly. Clarity coaches understand that an articulate, concise and persuasive pitch is what’s needed for your proposal to get the green light. Our clients are taught how to clearly convey the importance of their idea with firm conviction. That is what transforms a mere pitch into a closed deal.


  • Establishing your distinctive value
  • Appearing polished and professional
  • Showing understanding for the client’s challenges
  • Articulating what problem you solve
  • Showcasing relevant prior experience
  • Selling, but not overselling

Formal Speeches

Delivering a successful speech involves mastering a number of crucial skills: creating a compelling and dynamic narrative; understanding your audience, and engaging them by bringing gripping storytelling to life through the effective use of your voice and body movements. Clarity coaches are skilled at addressing each of these essential elements that successfully turn any speech into a memorable performance.


  • Writing for the ear, not the eye
  • Injecting humor, not jokes
  • Using analogy/metaphor as a thread
  • Making storytelling sound ad libbed
  • Proper pacing, pitch and projection of voice
  • How to look at the audience, not your papers

Teleprompter Skills

The bigger the stage, the more likely you’ll be called on to deliver your speech from a TelePrompter. While having your full, scripted text to read from may be a comforting security blanket, it holds the danger of stripping the conversational tone from your delivery. Thanks to decades of their own experience reading from TelePrompters, Clarity coaches have identified the essentials behind the smooth delivery of scripted content and have translated them into clear and simple coaching principles.


  • Mastering presidential-style prompters
  • Using pace variation to sound conversational
  • Speaking in shorter sentences
  • Adding script markings for proper emphasis
  • Perfecting the “gather-deliver” technique
  • Minimizing eye movement

Running a Meeting

There’s no greater drain on workplace productivity than meetings that drag on past their allotted time. With effective and efficient communication, most 40-minute meetings can be reduced to a half an hour. Clarity coaches show clients how to develop a strategic game plan for moving meetings along and not letting them bog down in repetition and minutia. When the meeting leader imparts clear and concise information to the attendees, the meetings are not only shorter, but more effective in helping the team achieve its desired goals.


  • Setting participants’ expectations in advance
  • Establishing meeting’s goals at beginning
  • Employing brevity and avoiding repetition
  • Setting ground rules for questions/participation
  • Speaking in a firm, declarative voice
  • Bringing clarity to next steps


The explosive growth of industry panels is providing unprecedented opportunities for executives to position their branding to targeted audiences. But for many clients, delivering succinct, powerful and quotable statements is often times a daunting challenge. Nerves, time constraints and battling other panelists monopolizing the conversation are all factors that can throw panelists off track. At Clarity, coaches equip clients with dynamic storytelling so they can take charge, grab the spotlight with confidence and successfully articulate their vision.


  • Preparing for topics with storytelling
  • Creating a “tweetable” moment from the event
  • Holding your own among several panelists
  • How to keep the audience engaged
  • Avoiding moderator traps
  • Handling Q&A from the audience


Panel moderators who have years of experience interviewing people for television can make on-stage interviews at a conference look easy. The fact is, they’re not. Print journalists are accustomed to doing slower-moving, longer-form interviews that don’t always translate into a dynamic conversation in front of an audience. As broadcast journalists, Clarity coaches have done thousands of television interviews and are well versed in helping clients devise a livelier repartee that generates more interest and energy for the audience.


  • Formulating questions
  • How to make news with your guests
  • How to ask the hard hitting question
  • Preventing panelists from sticking to dull talking points
  • Dealing with an aggressive panelist
  • Managing time properly

Anchoring/ Reporting

There are more outlets for news and opinion than at any time in history. In this supersaturated media environment, it’s harder than ever for anchors and reporters to stand out, maintain their audiences and reach new ones. It is no longer enough for on-air talent to answer the journalistic questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Today, anchors and reporters are expected to be master storytellers. Clarity coaches have vast experience in all aspects of storytelling, a resource we bring to media and news companies. The immediate result from a session is the delivery of more compelling, polished and powerful narratives that move audiences.


  • Physical presence on the set/in the field
  • Striking a conversational tone
  • Effective interview structuring
  • Calmly handling live, breaking news
  • Eliminating the “old-school” delivery
  • Interacting with co-anchors


The human voice is a powerful musical instrument. Most people, however, do not utilize its enormous capacity to make an audience process storytelling on an emotional level. Training sessions at Clarity provide clients with techniques for bringing captivating variation to the pace, pitch and projection of their voices. Helping the client tap into the emotional resonance underscoring their communications can transform their delivery into truly memorable content.


  • Striking a storytelling tone
  • Varying pace for punctuation
  • Using pitch variation to add emotion
  • Accent modification
  • Speech pathology issues
  • Eliminating the cliché “sing-song” delivery

Teleprompter Skills

Increasingly, media companies today are looking for show hosts who are not career anchorpeople. Whether you’re grooming a reporter/producer to be a host, or choosing someone with no on-camera experience at all, instilling polished TelePrompter-reading skills is essential. Thanks to decades of their own experience reading from TelePrompters, Clarity coaches have identified the essentials behind the smooth delivery of scripted content and have translated them into clear and simple coaching principles.


  • Appearing loose and relaxed
  • Using pace variation to sound conversational
  • Speaking in shorter sentences
  • Adding script markings for proper emphasis
  • Perfecting the “gather-deliver” technique
  • Minimizing eye movement

Live Web Videos

With the explosive growth of video platforms like You Tube and Facebook Live, conveying important messages on video is no longer restricted to people with access to television. But video content posted online that lacks polish and sophistication can be a negative reflection on your brand. Clarity’s nearly decade-long partnership with Facebook has provided us with keen insights into what strategies work best for that medium, allowing our clients' content to stand out amidst a growing clutter.


  • Establishing the proper set and background
  • Strategies for speaking directly to camera
  • Memorizing scripts vs. speaking to outlines
  • One-camera interview techniques
  • Proper structure and length of segments
  • Posting and distributing on social

Job Interviewing

The difference between landing a job and being passed over may have less to do with your experience and more to do with your communications skills. Having a perfect resume only gets you halfway there. Having the communications tools necessary to position yourself as a must “get", can help you ace the interview and land the job. Clarity coaches have trained scores of job seekers who have successfully achieved their career goals.


  • Predicting likely questions
  • Preparing concise and conversational answers
  • Promoting yourself through examples and stories
  • How to discuss perceived weaknesses
  • Establishing relaxed body language
  • Sounding vocally authoritative

Executive Presence

One of the key factors determining the trajectory of your career is the degree to which others perceive you to have Executive Presence, the quality that encompasses leadership skills, gravitas and clarity of thought. The role that polished communication skills plays in our Executive Presence is substantial, which is why clients who are looking to advance their careers turn to Clarity for trusted counsel on how to appear more professional in both their verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating.


  • Eliminating useless industry jargon
  • Appearing more decisive through brevity
  • Speaking more declaratively
  • Sitting/Standing more authoritatively
  • Eliminating filler words
  • Wardrobe and grooming

Resumé Editing

Condensing your experience, your value and your ambitions onto one sheet of paper can be a daunting challenge, which is why constructing an attention-getting resume can be so difficult. Clarity’s Career Advisors are experts at showcasing your strengths and framing your narrative in the most impressive way so your resume makes it to the top of the pile.


  • Proper formatting
  • Keeping language casual and conversational
  • Eliminating non-essential information
  • Keeping information to one page
  • Describing job responsibilities properly
  • Effective presentation and distribution


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