Jennifer Fukui
Communications Specialist

Jennifer Fukui Castells handles many of Clarity’s trainings in California, particularly in the tech, entertainment, media, publishing, venture capital, fashion and hospitality industries. She has prepped everyone from Academy Award winning actors, to leaders in technology and venture capital, to award winning journalists for interviews with the press and public speaking engagements. She excels in preparing clients to relay their key messages and stories to the media and for prominent industry presentations. As a communications coach, Jen helps clients with message development by showing them how to transform their often complex ideas into relatable and compelling stories – the kind reporters select for their sound bites and quotes. Jen began her career in media at World News Tonight with Peter Jennings and spent the following six years producing for Barbara Walters at 20/20. While at World News, she pre-interviewed guests and produced breaking news interviews. At 20/20 Jen prepped Ms. Walters for her interviews by writing questions and collaborating on the final edits of the segments. Having worked on hundreds of interviews during her time at 20/20, Jen understands journalists’ mindsets, what they are looking for and the various tactics they employ to get what they want. She left broadcast television to pursue her passion for hospitality and worked for Chef Thomas Keller at The French Laundry, where she oversaw his cooking appearances and built out a private events business. After her stint with Chef Thomas Keller, Jen was recruited by the Gilt Group to work on the launch of Gilt Taste. At Gilt, she served as a brand ambassador appearing on television news programs to promote the new website as well as recruit vendors to work with the business. In addition to Gilt Group, Jen was also a part of the Plumfare team, which was acquired by Groupon. As a result of these unique experiences, Jen has a keen understanding of not only hospitality and lifestyle brands, but a broad spectrum of technology companies.


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