Marisa Thomas

Marisa Thomas is Clarity's Asia Pacific Bureau Chief, having launched our first APAC regional office in Singapore in 2012. As a media and presentation trainer, Marisa has worked with executives in finance, law, business, tech and beauty. As an award-winning journalist from Canada's top-ranked nightly newscast, Marisa presented more than 2,800 news stories and understands how to convey complex data and information in a concise, approachable and engaging way. She has interviewed Canadian Prime Ministers as well as many of Canada's most influential business leaders, celebrities and professional athletes. As a news correspondent, she has covered landmark legal cases, the Olympic games, natural disasters and criminal gang wars. She has also interviewed the Dalai Lama and former Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Before becoming a journalist and communications coach, Marisa worked as a corporate and securities paralegal. Her goal is to make sure our clients look and feel more comfortable communicating, either to a journalist or in front of colleagues or clients. This means helping people see how they project their image and message – teaching them simple ways to communicate what they want to say in a way the audience finds engaging. Marisa makes sure clients are well prepared for their big opportunity, whether it's a media appearance, a presentation, discussion or speech.